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Robert 28 Jan 2015

Someone at RT (hopefully you, Abby?) needs to look into the Fraternal Order of Police, the real 'official' organization that includes all Police from all states. After Civil War, the north soldiers (Blue Suits) were mandated with breaking up 'any' organization of 3 or more African Americans. Freed African Americans were granted Citizenship through 14th Amendment, as Citizens of D.C. (yes, Washington D.C., and NOT the state they were born in). They are true Citizens of US of America as wards of the government of the US. The Blue Suiters had carte blanche to shoot to kill African Americans, who were not considered Citizens through their statehood. This is why Police 'indiscreetly' shoot to kill (esp. African Americans). They are not treated the same, via the 14th Constitutional Amendment. Until this amendment is changed or eradicated, African Americans will continue to be abused by the Fraternal Order of Police.

LI 26 Jan 2015


The whole 9/11 inside job was right out of the Nazi playbook and it worked like a charm back then as well: Search "Gleiwitz Incident" on Wikipedia

Jennifer Knotsmed 23 Jan 2015

Oustanding original art created by an amazing activist! We proudly display our framed print and can't wait to gift our gang some sweet shirts!

Bernardo A Merizalde, MD 23 Jan 2015

Hello Abby,

I was just introduced to your journalistic work, and now, to your art. I want to congratulate you for your courage and determination. We need more people like you in the world.

Alexis Poulos 23 Jan 2015

I didn't know you could paint! Your full of surprises or I've been in seclusion too long:)
Love all you do.

Linn I 21 Jan 2015

Hi Abby-
Just discovered you and have to say when it comes to the story behind what REALLY happened on 9/11 you're my new hero!!! Finally someone in the media that's NOT afraid to speak up. Please don't stop what you're doing. We need the truth to come out or this nation is sunk!!

grahame bell 21 Jan 2015

I must say your efforts to explain and expose the Israeli state are to be applauded.

I fear that unless Israel is dismantled and a Palestinian state with both moderate jews and Palestinians sharing the same space in harmony there with be another HOLOCAST more devastating and more complete than the horrors of the last but with the added difference that there will be a total lack of sympathy for the victims.
I would hazard a guess that if you looked at the duty roster of al the camps in Germany from Bergen Belsen to Treblinka you would not see a Palestinian on duty nor even an Arab.
Sderot did not exist i 1946. The arab village that occupied that site is now a ruin and the 6,000 descendants of those who did live there and had done for 70 generation live in abject poverty within sight of there former dwellings in Gaza.Not one resident of Sderot can trace his connection back beyond 1947 and few if any can trace back a connection even 3,000 years.Not so for those former residents who are now in Gaza


Zahieda (Zee) Van Der Forte 18 Jan 2015

Love the way you "break the set" I finally gave in, and am getting cable tv, just to watch you! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!! Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa! Z

Imran 17 Jan 2015

Hi Abby,

The PANTA interview you did (off your twitter) really made me feel things deep in my bones. It seems there's a theme with that.
There was one print, across from the question about street art, that was so vibrant. It's inspiring when people like you show how much colour there is in the world. And how that is a good and beautiful thing.
Take care,

Mike 17 Jan 2015

I just came here to say how appreciated you are for sacrificing a bit of self sanity in this insane world to help inform people. The work you do is truly inspiring, and how you can maintain a smile is beyond me :)

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