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Bones McNulty 28 Jul 2016

That motherfuc*ing Portly,you just can't shut him the fuck up.I mean,when the hell is he going to lose that 75 pounds of lard he calls a midriff?

"That thing has a hell of a tweeter and the woofers are insane,but it's my lunch break so talk to that other screwball over there with the broken nose and the distinctive lisp".

Portly Slobstein 28 Jul 2016

I will,personally speaking,never ever ever ever ever ever not be a wholeheartedly convinced acolyte adherent stalwart soldier proud cadre member and speeding bullet for the fact that the goddamned Jew blew up all three towers.
Now,let's get the fucking hell away from this rabble and chow down,I'm freaking famished! There are too many flipping mumbling schizos at this ramshackle shindig.

Marching proudly,steadfastly and resolutely onward toward a plate of noodles with Thai sauce!

Abdel G'wine Slapme 28 Jul 2016

Be forewarned that we have some planes and we will aim them directly into the rotten core of you Americans.

For denying us the credit we so dangerously endeavored to earn,by refusing to acknowledge the deed accomplished on September 11 we will annihilate you decadent,deranged,deluded,dopey,profligate goddamn morons who say that we did not do what we did.

You have been warned.Hide your women and children and play what we say fully and mark our words:we are coming for this Miss Abby and her accomplice Fat Alex,the insane Texan wearing Trump gear.

Allahu Akbar!!

Ralph "Thunderpants" Nutgenstein 28 Jul 2016

Abbydoll,I admire your splotchy,swiggly,druggie paintings.They remind me of the ones that my great grandson brings back from Montessori School.
I aim to fleece the knuckleheads at Ny911truth,org once more before I go off to the great re-union in the sky with Lenin,Chernenko,Andropov and,of course,the great Uncle Joe,and pony up nice for a framed whatever-the-hell you call them.
Do you do lay-away plan?
Remember,I'm just askin' questions.

Wait,I gotta run,my nutty wife is bitching about the goddamned toaster breaking again.You wouldn't believe what a capitalist pig she really is,the cow.

Talk to you soon,brothers and shysters.

Donald Trump,Jr. 28 Jul 2016

Hey guys,give it a rest.I've hung and partied with guys from the truther crowd and believe me,they don't have a goddamn clue.They're ready to believe anything tossed out there.Hell,they actually think the FDNY blew up the buildings and are covering it up along with the New World Order!
I mean,who is stupid enough to believe that kind of stuff?

Jew hating imbeciles,that's who.But they'll look you directly in the eye and say,"I stand side by side with men like Portly Slobstein and Dr. Dave Goldman from uptown who are Jews themselves".

Good grief,we need my father to put these drug addled cretins out of their misery.My father has been paying attention to these nuts and has a plan to rid the wold of them.

God willing and with Abby's input we'll achieve this goal.

Go Abby,good woman!

Ron "Mumbles" MacKinnon 28 Jul 2016

Abby arrested,smiles through it all and mugs for the camera before claiming how horrific and violent it was.

Not buying it,girlie.

Pantload,why do people buy this inconsequential,obscure Putin apologist who's crazy enough to fall for Trump,the nuttiest man on the planet?

Because she's a narcissistic phony only after accolades for herself.

Not buying it,Abby.You are accomplishing zero and willing to accept a sick f*ck like Trump in office.

Pantload Rohde 27 Jul 2016

Query:what kind of posturing twit hasn't rejected Alex Jones and his absolutely bonkers narcissistic demagoguery and tacitly supports a blowhard lying scumbag tenant harassing contractor stiffing mentally deranged demagogue who lies when he wakes up,lies when he has lunch and lies when he lies down with his stupendously stupid bimbo import,after texting his idiot children good night?

That would be the phoniest egomaniac in media:Abby "Twinkletoes" Schmartin.

Hey,now she's like Alex,her little wristies got hurt during a wholly calculated,self promotional arrest over.........what?

Exactly nothing.

Pat 27 Jul 2016

I just heard about your arrest....
I hope your safe.....
We all love you and support you...
The world over !!!!
Please come back to Montreal

James Catherall 27 Jul 2016

Hi Abby, just discovered the site after, admittedly, checking you out on Google. Just watching the Marxism 101 Empire File with Dr. Richard Wolff, great interview! Had no idea about the artwork you do but it's awesome! I might have to get me a canvas if and when I finally have a wall to put it on. Bloody capitalism...

larry spaulding 26 Jul 2016

it's a shame,for abby to be treated like this in phila.i'm with you abby.Keep your commitment going.

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