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Gingerly Steppe 28 Jul 2014

Interesting.How DOES Luke Whatever His Real Name Is afford to travel the world filming completely inane and shallow interviews?
What is up with this kid?
Abby? Earn your stripes by digging into this obvious scam artist.

More Misinfo From Luke 28 Jul 2014

Google "David Miller" the notorious con artist who Luke brought into the meetings at St. Marks Church in NYC back in '05/'06.Turns out the guy was a fraud (his real name is actually David Cohen).
Luke is too and a lot of people were onto him from the beginning.
Thick as a brick,funded by who knows who,arrogant,illiterate and without a stitch of interest in any of the larger issues involved.A real phony who started whisper campaigns against honest dedicated activists.
In the end he will go down.

JK Monagle 28 Jul 2014

Dear Abby,
I was a friend of Mike's. I helped him when he first moved to Sebastopol. I just listened to the lifeboat hour from last night and wanted to reach out. PM me when you get a chance. Thanks, JK

Frederick Pina 28 Jul 2014

Hi Abby,

How's the painting going ?

Jeff 27 Jul 2014

Just listened to your interview on PRN, then visited here at your gallery. So great, you give the world wonderful, intuitive gifts.

Serra Yilmaz 27 Jul 2014

Thank you so much for your amazing journalism. You are representing "hope" for the humanity. Many people watching you from Istanbul, Turkey. Please continue to represent hope for us and be right sight of the history.

We love you,

Reg Miller 26 Jul 2014

Goggle: "The Zionist Story"

Please interview the author: Ronen Berelovich on RT

yogipeace 26 Jul 2014

la meilleure , j adore , thanks u are amazing .

Abubakr 26 Jul 2014

Amazing talent, not only in terms of art but also in terms of journalism. Keep up the great work!

Damion 25 Jul 2014

Looking at your work take's me on a trip. You got skills. Hotep.

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