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Chris Hanlon 21 Nov 2014

Very inspiring and creative artwork, and I love your show and admire your professionalism and attractive presentations on RT, you're awesome!

R3N13R 20 Nov 2014

Breaking the Set is now our favourite show here in South Africa. Please continue to keep Africa informed.

Kyle 19 Nov 2014

Quite a crush developing on you :) Smart, beautiful and doing a lot of good in the fight against the corrupt world order. Rock on Abby! x

Aaron & Helena 18 Nov 2014

Amazing art!! Can't wait to setup an art show for you in Detroit. :)

Robin 18 Nov 2014

Hi, like your show on Rt!

Spreading knowledge is honourable !!

Have u tried finding compassion in u, as an experiment, for the perpetrator? To go deeper

andre draughn 13 Nov 2014

Hi Abby,
Love your piece regarding veterans day propaganda. Your broadcast has inspired me to follow in your footsteps regarding human rights..Any suggestions?


Scott Carroll 11 Nov 2014

Aha, so you're a mystic as well. You are an amazing force for truth, liberation and ultimately love in this world Abby Martin. May you continue to hold the torch, be a beacon, and find all the support and alliances you need.

Evan White 11 Nov 2014

Hey Abby I am a watcher of your show 'Breaking the Set' and I am astonished to find you are an artist as well! Keep up the good work and also I wanted to thank you for talking about third party candidates, Im making a Libertarian Socialist Party ( Trust me its not an oxymoron ) and I was really happy you covered people who aren't on the spectrum of Democrat or Republican. ( Well watching your show I doubt there even is a spectrum rather two sides to the same coin ) But I digress. Keep up the good work in both artistry and societal and political commentary.

syed 10 Nov 2014

Unpacking misinformation/misinformation requires time and effort fewer and fewer are willing to make, and I am grateful for your efforts.
Your empathy shows, and I've no doubt your inner beauty matches your outer beauty.
Thank you for caring about the truth.
God bless you and all people of Good Conscience.

Tarun Ravi 08 Nov 2014

Hello Abby,
You are a daring, gutsy, conscientious journalist and artist. There is some extremely important matter about surveillance and privacy issues I would like to bring to your attention. Please email me.

To visitor WaterCarrierForFascistPutin,

What about the murder of journalist Michael Hastings by CIA ?

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