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GARY 19 Sep 2014


GARY 19 Sep 2014


Steve 18 Sep 2014

Also, why you think by looking and acting and talking angry all the time, this some how makes you message more meaningful?

Doesn't anyone ever comment about this? Can't you just present the issue without your stupid tough talk disposition? It's really annoying after all these times, I now can't last through a whole episode.

This combined with you not taking on real issues about inside nature of 9/11 and further believing the official bs narrative about 9/11, makes me wonder what is point of you show and why you bother posting on 9/11blogger?

Of course for true perps you perform a vital role since to uninitiated mostly blur masses, they think wow here is some tough talking chic taking on the system, but truth is you're not taking it on, you're just furthering their agenda.

When I hear about a post from you or something, it reminds me of this dog across the street from my house which barks and barks and barks.

Please consider making a real difference such as reporting on why Dicik Cheney should be on America's Nost Wanted list or on the other suspects from Kevin Ryan's book, for example.

Steve 18 Sep 2014

Once upon a time it seemed you had guts, if this was ever truly the case I'm not sure, but now you are just another propaganda tool for the evil system.

You do exactly what they want you to do. You talk about attacks and hijackers, which further keeps the masses in the dark.

9/11 was an inside job. There were no attacks and hijackers were nothing but distraction.

Read Another Nineteen. Understand Dick Cheney gave stand down order. Read Graeme MacQueen's book about anthrax. Report on these or will you lose your job?

Currently many might not say directly, but you are doing dis service to the 9/11 truth movement by spreading propaganda and not focusing on real issues.

Watch anatomy of a deception yet?

Why not report real issues or otherwise not talknabout 9/11 at all, since your current mode just makes this worse and more confusing for those trying to get handle on things.

The true perps love you though.

Colin Connaughton 18 Sep 2014

PS. Sorry for the PS but I read below something suggesting you think or thought Bin Laden was behind 911. I have to disagree. But at least Jesse Ventura & you ask questions about 911. I think it was an inside job involving at least some of Bush administration & friends & possibly Mossad. There is evidence, in my opinion.

Colin Connaughton 18 Sep 2014

Hi Abby, Just to say thanks for the good stance you take on everything especially human rights & Palestine & 911 & US wars. Also, I just discovered you are an artist. I'm trying to learn to be an artist. I like your art. I hope you continue long doing what you do. Best wishes.

Sebastian 16 Sep 2014

Reader Letter:

Could you make a video interview how well
in Thailand is
because of:

and his statment:
" Most probably, if you are reading these lines, I am under arrest by the Thai authorities under some
pretext, but no doubt that my arrest is directly related to my revelations about 9/11. Particularly,
about the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center, about the

Soviet-made “Granit” missile
with a nuclear warhead
that hit the Pentagon on that day,

and/or about my claims that a certain not
Mike Harari (a/k/a “Doctor Hadji Muhammed Husseini”), the long-time deputy director of
the Israeli Mossad
and the friend of the Thai Government was directly involved into 9/11 planning
as well as into other acts of nuclear terrorism, moreover, acting from the Thai territory."

Could you bring in your show a seizure overview of russian state assets in the 150 states of the
and an interview with the responsible russian persons for the US-$ compensation
decision against the Russian State and if they are ready to pay such a high amount after have joined the agreement 24. August 1960 ?

What do you think happens on 1/1/2015 and what amount of financial precautions has the Russian State in comparance to the 50 billion Yukos compensation demand - because of -

Could you ask the responsible person from Russia who appointed Judge Stephen Schwebel
of the US - Yves Fortier - and Charles Poncet for the Claimants - with a person from the Russian Freedom of Information Office in a show: "Who has ever seen the contract that Michail Khodorkovsky had signed over his Yukos majority stake to sell it to Leonid Nevzlin during his trial in 2005, in an effort to fend off the attack on the company and where is the paper and how is it to tax?"

"How is the opinion of the Russian State to the court decision after which $50 billion should be paid to:
Leonid Nevzlin
owner of ~70% of GML
as well as 4 ex-Yukos owners Platon Lebedev
Mikhail Brudno,
Vladimir Dubov and
Vasily Shakhnovsky (each ~7,5%)?"

2013, Yukos Capital asked the US District Court for the Southern District of NY to confirm a $421 million
arbitration award against Rosneft. 2014, a NY court ordered Samaraneftegaz, a former Yukos subsidiary now
owned by Rosneft, to turn over assets to the US to satisfy a judgment to pay Yukos Capital $186 million and
restrained it from transferring assets to either shareholders or affiliates. Samaraneftegaz has been refusing to
pay since 2007.
28.7.2014, the Permanent Court of Arbitration rendered the decision of the three arbitrators serving in the case
besides Fortier,
Judge Stephen Schwebel
of the US (appointed by Russia) and Charles Poncet
of Switzerland (by the claimants) in a roughly 600-page ruling. They ruled for the majority shareholders,
awarding them $50 billion against Russia, around half of their claim yet 20 times the previous record for an
arbitration ruling. The court found unanimously that an expropriation had taken place, with that Russia having
expropriated the Yukos oil company in a series of politically-motivated attacks in breach of Article13(1)of the
Energy Charter Treaty. Panel said Russia “was not driven by motives of tax collection� in auctioning off a
core business but “by the desire of the state to acquire Yukos' most valuable asset.� Arbitrators docked 25%
from the value they attributed to the assets seized.
The main beneficiaries of just over $40 billion are Leonid Nevzlin
owner of ~70% of GML
as well as 4 ex-Yukos owners Platon Lebedev
Mikhail Brudno,
Vladimir Dubov and
Vasily Shakhnovsky (each ~7,5%).
Khodorkovsky had signed over his Yukos majority stake to Nevzlin during his trial in 2005, in an effort to
fend off the attack on the company. Other key beneficiaries include the Veteran Petroleum pension fund for
30000 former Yukos employees, which is due to receive $8,2 billion from Russia.
The possibility for setting the award aside by courts in the Netherlands is limited to technical issues. If Russia
refuses to pay, the claimants may pursue Russian sovereign commercial assets by winning court-ordered
seizures in the 150 countries that are party to the 1958 NY Convention on enforcing arbitration awards

Leonid Borisovich Nevzlin (*21.9.1959) is a Russian-born Israeli business magnate. Nevzlin was a high
ranking executive at Yukos, once a Russian oil firm before it was extinguished by the Russian government.
That government is requesting his extradition and other former executives in Yukos. In 2008 he was tried in
absentia and found guilty of several counts of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
Nevzlin called the court case a show trial orchestrated by Vladimir Putin

eric maas 14 Sep 2014

Abby -You will love CTM (John B Wells).
They would love to have you on their show
talking about your experience as a journalist and your art! Please forward to the above.

Chris 13 Sep 2014

I just learned about you today Abby..
It's awesome to see the raw honesty and many of your opinions..
I actually passed this website up at first because I saw it was art focused thinking it was someone else, but as a musician I thought it was awesome to find out that it was you with the art..
I'm interested in your opinions on Isreal btw if you care to comment :)

Ellis Neel 13 Sep 2014

I habitually don't watch tv so became aware of you only yesterday through YouTube. Intelligent, confident, outspoken women seem to make a lot of men uncomfortable without even tossing drop-dead gorgeous into the recipe. You're an extraordinary woman.

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