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Jhyon 29 Nov 2015

Thanks for all your great work. You've got a beautiful spirit. Keep on keeping on!
Love always

Dactalisman 28 Nov 2015

Missed you on "break the set". Wish you all the best and admire your grit, spirits and passion.

roberthoodmoor 28 Nov 2015

no known aliases

norman 26 Nov 2015

miss your offerings of information. are you working on any new projects?

Paula DeCheck 23 Nov 2015

Miss the show Breaking the Set....RT hasn't been the same. Take care.

Michael Elwess 19 Nov 2015

I hope that we can see more commentary on current events in the YouTube verse.

I really miss your insight and honesty.

Louie Finkle 19 Nov 2015

Dear Abby Martin,
I just ordered your Guide and Erotica, very rich in color, content and thought, you have unique talent and charisma. I look forward to recieveing my prints.


Louie Finkle

Joe 19 Nov 2015

Hi Abby/
Trust want to say I Miss watching breaking the set, you've opened a lot of eyes about MONSATAN) love your art and keep up the good work for humanity

paulvictor 18 Nov 2015

Abby Dearest:Why are you not weighing in more on the presidential race? Surely you back someone? Cheers!

Jason 17 Nov 2015

Have you ever carried the weight of the world on your shoulders?
Ever travelled to Cellular Heaven Within?
We walk through this mirrored shell,
to complete the circle and begin.

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