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kim from cali 05 Sep 2015

Hi Abby, Just want to send some love your way from sunny (& dry) SoCal! Listening to your thoughtful words gives me HOPE for the much wisdom, energy and compassion in one person. Never stop spreading your message of peace!

Helton Silva 04 Sep 2015

Você transmite muito sentimento em seu traço, e nas fotografias o contraste, do as cores que só aquele local possui, cotidiano que a pessoas não percebem por estarem habituadas.

Gerry 02 Sep 2015

Compelling art Abby, can look at some of your paintings for hours and still discover something new. When is your next expo in and around L.A. Thank you

Hamid 01 Sep 2015

Abby, do you operate out of Bay Area? My wife and I are fans. She is an artist as well ( Would be great to meet you one day.



ROBERT R. FOWLER 01 Sep 2015

I am a 100% service connected Vietnam Veteran and have assisted Oliver Stone years ago for some of his fund raising projects. What happened to you on RT was another example of the Psychopaths who today control our Earth. I would like to give you some information from my experiences in Nigeria 1980 to 1984 that pertain Chief Abafemi Awolowo, OPIC, Election Fraud and the OIL Corporations if interested? Miss you on RT, A TERRIBLE LOSS FOR ALL

paul victor 31 Aug 2015

Thank God your'e gonna be on the air again.Please post your shows on You tube since I don't have cable or sat. My idol is back and I have a reason to live!

Kevin Darichuk 30 Aug 2015

Hi Abby, i am Kevin and have been following your work since i first saw you a few year back on RT. I am Canadian however I live in Costa Rica and grow and ship fresh fruits and vegetables for a living. I would like to encourage you to keep speaking out, your ideas need to be heard. My awakening occurred after 911 and my view of the world took a 180. I find myself agreeing with you pretty much 100%. Please keep talking!!

Sifis 30 Aug 2015

Hello Abby,
Huge fan here! love your show and your objectively journalism.
You have to do a show regarding the opportunism and reformism, of the ''left'' Tsipras.
Was Tsipras the death of the workers movement?
Anyways, we need people like you.
Thank you,

Kam 30 Aug 2015

Abby, love your work. I am a producer and very interested to sponsor a show with you. let me know if you're interested.

keep up the great work.

Yong 29 Aug 2015

I think I may have just reconciled the strength of your journalistic integrity with your artistic temperament. Thank you so much for all your efforts, especially hosting Breaking the Set on RT. Whatever made you quit in the end, please know that you were a true beacon of humanity in a mainstream sea of depraved dishonesty and I feel privileged to have watched you work. All the best.

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