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Kewl VanDuzer 29 Aug 2014

Abby -- I am compelled to send this message to you after watching 2 of your shows (breaking the Set) by chance..... and I assure you, I have never done this before...

You have a fresh view on things and it is so very refreshing to hear your interviews and voice your opinions on subjects that many people find sensitive in nature. I like your attitude of calling a spade a spade and many things you cover in the show clearly resonate with me..There is enough blame to pass around in the middle east conflicts but I value human rights and values more than than anyone or anything and it is truly refreshing to see the the boldness and laser like clarity you bring to the show...No, I am not writing because my views matches yours... I like people who have an open mind and look at things from a 360 degree angle... and you seem to do just that..
Keep doing what you do... You are Awesome!

NoFedsAllowed 29 Aug 2014

I heard you mention this website of yours at the end of the joe rogan video interview a few weeks ago. Cool ass collages my friend, where do you find the time? Have me on your show sometime! :P

Tim 27 Aug 2014

Wow. I just now found your reply to criticism about your discussion of "conspiracy theories". Now I'm a bit more understanding and sympathetic to your explanation. However it still doesn't explain the claim made on the wikipedia page and your "about face" concerning 9/11. Either way, I will continue to watch your program with razor sharp discernment. For now I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Who am I to say that? A concerned citizen with a conscience.

Christopher Peach 24 Aug 2014

You possess an extraordinary gift of creativity. Your talent knows no bounds. I do wonder where you find time to create these masterpieces, when you seem very hard at work at keeping a lot of people up-to-date on Breaking The Set?

Marcelo 23 Aug 2014

Abby, wonderful place, exciting work! Carry on being the awesome person that you are. It is the most beautiful and instigating art that you could give to us. Your own life!

Ash 23 Aug 2014

You are awesome.

Kayla Lyon 22 Aug 2014

I have just discovered you and I just need you to know that your a courageous woman and my new role model in my life. Keep up with what your doing. Your making a difference in this confusing world.

Love the art too!

Tracy H 21 Aug 2014

I've admired your fearlessness and strength in exposing the truth on 'Breaking the Set'. Now, after discovering your website here, via Twitter, my admiration has turned to awe. You are an inspiration, a champion, an icon and a hero. Thank you, Abby.

Kieran (Australia) 20 Aug 2014

A brilliant woman and a very talented artist. Thank you for being you.

John Underwood 19 Aug 2014

Sexiest woman on the planet. Intelligence is an aphrodisiac.................

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