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Thomas Logan 14 Sep 2016

Great work Abby, in all that you do. Thanks for your dedication... keep it up and all the best to you.

your loyal fan 09 Sep 2016

Banned from Gaza! You are feared. Speak truth to Power! This outrage speaks volumes and makes them look worse. They can't hide the truth forever. WE are with you!

lu ann 08 Sep 2016

Hi. I used to watch you all the time on....I believe it was RT, wasn't it. still see you on You Tube. I miss Aljazeera so much....and your shows. lu

Billy WhiteWolf 05 Sep 2016

Abby, your one of a kind and a thousand years ahead of your time. Never stop being special. A Thousand Spirit Hugs :)

Tim Hogg 31 Aug 2016

Refreshing. I'll keep viewing. Thank you for speaking out!

Lynne farmer 11 Aug 2016

Following you, like your art and journalism. Keep on doing

Jon Gabrielle 09 Aug 2016

Abby...sorry to hear what happened at the DNC. Keep up the great work though. I have someone you may want to interview. Thanks, Jon

Roxanna Marinak 08 Aug 2016

I love your direct and raw news and I love your art work too! Keep up the good work

Jason Brown 04 Aug 2016

Abby, big fan of your work It rightfully should be called "investigative journalism," tho' mega-media doesn't approve. BTS was awesome. Did not know your artistic talent. Looking forward to your new program.

steve valliere 30 Jul 2016

Hi Abby,
Nice work.
Keep up the good work.
All art is propaganda

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