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Scott Bradley 25 May 2016

Hi Abby - First discovered you on RT a few years ago when my Dad & I went on a trip to Vietnam, and have been a fan ever since. Any chance you'll be interviewing Oliver Stone again this Fall when his Snowden movie is released? - Your fan, SB

David l Marmer 23 May 2016

Just looked at your work for the first time. I think it is great.
I also appreciate your work as a journalist. You have an integrity that I find rare these days.

lawrence spaulding 23 May 2016

Lovely paintings.Love you abby

Barry 22 May 2016

Hi Abbey ,dia duit from Ireland ,keep on doing what you're doing sister x

Pat 20 May 2016

Hey Abby, just wondering if you will passing through montreal again? My job did not permit me to see you Concordia.
Also, are you still doing Empire Files?

paul brymer 19 May 2016

Your so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith 18 May 2016

I discovered you through a documentary some one shown me. Then I discover this , my respect has grown ten fold , you truelly are a brilliant person!! Love the art!!!

Alexander Solounias 16 May 2016

I really love you. Thanks for all you do.

Art and politics 16 May 2016

Nice mix.

Ricardo Torres 15 May 2016

If most of the reporters were like you, this world would be different. Thank you for everything you do inform the public.

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