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Richard Tietz 21 Jun 2016

Hi Abby, my name is Richard. I am a student in MN, and this summer I am doing a Soc. Sci. internship with the Beyond Coal campaign of the Sierra Club. If you haven't already seen this You Tube, check out "The Lie We Live" by Freshtastical. Awesome! And as an added bonus, the best quote ever between 6:45 and 6:50.
U R beautiful. Peace on Earth. -Richard

Edward 20 Jun 2016

Hi Abby,

I heard you on Joe Rogan's podcast recently, and then saw the video you did on Hillary Clinton. I am glad there are voices like yours percolating through the world. I look forward to see if you get this new show off the ground later this year. Best of luck!


Ron Dobosh 19 Jun 2016

I am having trouble viewing images of work
Because the scroll does not work on my iPad ( left side images) do not move one at a time.

Jonathan Lowe 18 Jun 2016

I wish to commission an original work, dedicated to my son who passed in April 2015. Thanks. ~JL

Robert Soret 15 Jun 2016

Great!!! Abby, I lost you when you left RT. Heard you on Gary Null's show today and you were great! Hope you are doing well and hope your future is brilliant.

Jason 13 Jun 2016


abby martin fan club 10 Jun 2016

Bravo for your expose of monsanto. It has probably added a few more years to my life. With all the immense injustices in the world-you have eternal "job security".

Baph 08 Jun 2016

Thanks for all your work! The World needs it.

Fred 06 Jun 2016

Well Abby, I don't agree with a lot that you say but I still admire your guts and courage! May I also say that you're a talented artist too. :-)

David Vine 03 Jun 2016

You're an incredible woman/professional.

How was it working for RT?

We should compare notes on documentary topics I've been researching.

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