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David V 16 Dec 2014

Hola Abby...I love the show :) I have to admit that the realism of the show is fantastic. Excellent discoveries... Oh and by the way, you are gorgeous ;)

Best regards,

David V

Richard Hendrickson 12 Dec 2014

Oops, just saw the "Store" link. I'd still like an original if possible? (I'm 51, give me a break)

Richard Hendrickson 12 Dec 2014

I'd like to get a piece in the $50 range. Any suggestions? PS. I've never purchased Art (of any kind) before.

Mark 12 Dec 2014

Abby, Recently found your show BTS, it's great. Love your art work too. Hope my wife loves it too... she's getting some for Gifts!!!

Keep up the amazing work!

Harvey Knight 11 Dec 2014

I have always enjoyed your investigative reporting and now I'm blown away by your artwork! Amazing!Keep on kickin it! All the best Harvey :)

Super73 10 Dec 2014

Hello Abby.

Just stopping by to say, awesome art, awesome investigation, you're a welcome addition to the planet ;)

All the best


Richard Brooks 09 Dec 2014

Abby, would the correct point of contact for delivery to you of a small present of thanks be via the RT company address as in 'Abby Martin c/o'? Don't worry, it's nothing outlandish but a product made by a couple of people you interviewed earlier this year. It just needs to end up at the right location of course. Best wishes.

Terry Sudol 08 Dec 2014

Hey Abby, please get in touch

Levi Saney 07 Dec 2014

I am big fan towards your activist and honesty in Journalism. I admire your dedication and strong sense of social justice. I am now an admirer of your art. It is a bit confusing but I am able to understand what the message is. Your mind is no longer chained to the "system" your art, your journalism and your individuality itself is evidence of that. Have a safe day, afternoon, evening or night depending on when you read this...if you read this. May God protect you and keep you safe. We need more people like you in the world. Maybe we do. Let me rephrase that. We need more people who are open like you towards social injustices.

Patrick 04 Dec 2014

Your artwork is quite beautiful, Miss. Abby Martin.

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