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Odarte Kojo Mills 23 Jul 2014

i live in d.c please let me know of any events or shows that you are apart of.

Ed 23 Jul 2014

Hi Abby,

Just want to thank you for your amazing journalism on RT. Love watching breaking the set!

From Perth, Australia

ondine petretti 23 Jul 2014

I respect your work very much. Thank you.

Iq 21 Jul 2014

Good God im in love with you Abby!!!

Iq from Brisbane, Australia

Courageous Coward 21 Jul 2014

Sorry for being anonymous but I don't want my personal info collected by NSA. Just want to say you are great. Those who call you a propagandist are themselves propagandists for the corp-bankster-military-industrial complex.

C. C.

Marcel Kross 20 Jul 2014

Abby you are great!Your art and journalism are of universal and cosmic dimensions. You combine intelligence and beauty.You are accurate,truthful,sincere, passionate and extremely beautiful.An Angel. Thank you for being.

Nicole 20 Jul 2014

Hi Abby,

Here in Sydney, I just came across 'Breaking the Set' and wanted to say 'thank you' for your reporting on gaza.

The media in Australia is also pro - Israel and there is no reporting as to the reality of the situation. Hopefully people will stand up and condemn the atrocities of Israel!

Anonymous 20 Jul 2014

Hey,what's with the attacks on Luke Rudkowski?
Luke has more guts than a factory full of tennis rackets and those that knock him face the retribution of the Lord.Plus,Abby,I really admire your work.Could we have a slice down at Joe's one evening?

Anonymous 20 Jul 2014

Abby, we love you.

Sebastian 20 Jul 2014

Reader Letter:

The only Solution is now:

The German Bundestag should immediately adopt a German day School and University for the construction of sewage treatment plants and an irrigation-West Frontier channel and Solar, Gas and Steam Turbine Power Plants (CCGT) with coupled thereto Seawater desalination Plants - by land acquisition over the entire Gaza-West border to Egypt with KfW - finance for the Palestinian Jewish and Arab women in Gaza - to blockade the Iranian Arms Underground Tunnel smuggling and to secure the water supply.

Historic German responsibility for the Palestinian Jewish and Arab women since they were first defended during Gaza Gas Attack War 1-3 1917

"German Ashkenazi Water Supply Supremacism"

From 26.03.1917 the defeat of the Zionists and their British Mercenary Attack in the first Gaza War of Aggression took place. -
According to their controlled Zimmermann Telegram Value Chain -
on 06.04.1917 the Declaration of War by the U.S. government under the U.S. federal Politicians # Rassenpolitik_und_Segregation
and Segregationist ("Segregation") # Ver.C3.B6ffentlichungen -
Thomas Woodrow Wilson -
(Douglas A. Blackmon: Slavery by Another Name The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War - Anchor Books 2009, pp. 357f. Http://
to the German Reich followed.

Then after the second Gaza War of Aggression - the Zionist Attack God Warriors who had been supported by French and British Zionist Mercenaries - from 17-19.4.1917 # Casualties
with the victims: UK, France: 6,444 wounded victims, 509 killed, 4,359, 1,534 missing D, T: 402 killed, 1,364 wounded, 247 missing and 200 prisoners -
only the use of Livens Projectors Poison Gas and Poison Gas Mines – with the help of the following ammunition Minister Churchill – during 29, 30, and 10.31.1917 - against the Germans under Erich von Falkenhayn – who - with his staff officer and major in the Ottoman Army in Palestine Frank von Papen prevented the forced Resettlement of all Jews from Palestine with his staff acquaintance Joachim von Ribbentrop - fortified Turks, Palestinian Jews and German soldiers among others the Kingdom Association of Jewish Combatants RJF eV - with the Templar Society Witnesses - -
brought the decisive break-through front -
at the Position of the Poison Gas Corpses of German Jews from the Reich Association of Jewish Combatants RJF -
for the Third Attack Gaza War Victory at the
1-2 and 6-7.11.1917
with the victims: UK: 2696 - D, T: 1.000 and burned 300 prisoners.

The Poison Gas Massacre Evidence was archived in the State Archives in Munich with the Poison Gas Reconnaissance Reports, from the there active 1 Royal Bavarian Flyer Battalion since 10/1917 in Beersheba, and at 25.10 in Gaza - for publishing in .
On the way to Palestine 5 Gas Reconnaissance Aircraft previously on 06/09/1917 were burned during an Intelligence Sabotage in Haydarpaa Station in Constantinople. With the Planes the Zionist Gas Holocaust crimes in the German defense Lines of the German Soldiers - where the German Jews from the Association of the Kingdom Association of Jewish Combatants RJF defended - in its protective function - the Turks, Palestinians and Palestinian Jews - with the Templar Society Witnesses - should be better documented.

Could you make a Video Interview with the August 2010 Playboy Issue quoter of Meir KAHANE murderer EL SAYYID NOSAIR with his Editor Data Dossier - why Sharon was Original Target and if he has Infos at what Location his helpers could be?
Playboy Israel needs > 60000 US$

Could you make with your Illuminator Team with optional and a Video Interview with:
Meir KAHANE murderer -
El Sayyid Nosair - imprisoned in 4500 PRISON ROAD MARION, IL 62959 Register Nr.35074-054 Age:58 Race:White Sex:Male Located at: Marion USP Released Date: LIFE - on Sunday 8:30AM-3PM,Friday 5-8PM,Saturday 8:30AM-3PM oder holiday 8:30AM-3PM. -
Wadih El Hage Register Number: 42393-054 Age:53 Race:White Sex:Male Located at:Florence ADMAX USP Released Date: LIFE -
Mahmud Abouhalima Federal Bureau of Prisons Register Number: 28064-054 Age:54 Race:White Sex:Male Located at:Florence ADMAX USP Released Date:09/20/2087 -
if he has Infos at what location his helpers like Bilal al-Kaisi of Jordan and the Palestinian Mohammed A.Salameh could be - and publish it?

Could you directly make - or let make with optional and a Video Interview with the August 2010 Playboy issue quoter of El Sayyid Nosair with his editor data dossier - why Sharon was original target - instead of Meir KAHANE - aka FBI informant Michael King as John Birch infiltrator - and publish it?

"In August 2010, the Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post, which, in turn, is quoting from the mid August issue of Playboy, claimed that Nosair had two partners and that his original target was Israeli military figure and future Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon. The article states: "He added that on the night he shot Kahane dead, he was accompanied by two co-conspirators to the Marriot Hotel in Manhattan where Kahane was speaking one of whom was also carrying a gun."The men, Bilal al-Kaisi of Jordan and Mohammed A. Salameh, a Palestinian illegal alien later involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, have never been charged for their part in the slaying."[13]" -
El-Hage's prosecutors say that Abouhalima told el-Hage to buy a .38 caliber revolver, that he did so, and that
El Sayyid Nosair used that revolver to kill Rabbi Meir Kahane.[citation needed]
Ali Mohamed, a sergeant at Fort Bragg, provided United States Army manuals and other assistance to
individuals at the al-Farouq Mosque, and some members including Abouhalima and El Sayyid Nosair
practiced at the Calverton Shooting Range on Long Island.

Historical reasons:
1898 - Sergius Bahira legend, a translation from Syriac based Eduard Sachaus
Copy of the recording of Isho'yahb (Marhab) - the US-Zionist Richard Gottheil to
1898 rewrote
Declaration of war in the Daily Express and Daily News (now owned by Jews Desmond Richard) of Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook - the later Minister of Aircraft Production and Supply - with the since the Reichstag fire - from 27.02.1933 by the communist Marinus van der Lubbe - known rapporteur and campaign companion of Adolf Hitler - Sefton Delmer and responsible editor Beverley Baxter
Declaration of War in Joseph Medill Patterson DAILY NEWS NEW YORK - with the hate calling Text co-creator - of the pro-Zionist Balfour Declaration - during the Gas-Mine Conquest of Gaza - who was in Versailles as 1918 member of the Zionist delegation for Dictation Requirement of a Zionist Kingdom of Israel - Stephen Wise
On 04/08/1933 Arlosoroff organized on behalf of the Jewish Agency, a meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Weizmann met up with leading Arabs from the British mandated Territory. In June 1933, Chaim Arlosoroff was shot.
In 1937, Iwria bank went bankrupt, Georg Kareski fled to Palestine.

The US Journalists may resolve all FBI files on the murder of former FBI informant Meir KAHANE from his infiltrators activities of the John Birch Society under the code name Michael King - from Peter Thomas King with the current Detention prove of KAHANES Murderer El Sayyid Nosair, Wadih El Hage, Mahmoud Abouhalima Request and ask him about the Media or German State Propaganda GEZ to publish all Files which should prove his Allegations - that the Origin of the Explosion of WTC 7 should be in Hamburg.

The US Journalists may decide to give Gerhard Hirschfeld, Gerd Krumeich and Irina Renz for their Encyclopedia World War 1 (S.519) and Gergely Kapolnasi for The chemical war: gas (p.10) on the 1.War Poison Gas use in World War 1 against German Jews from the autumn of 1914 on the Western Front in Ypres by the French and Fritz Hahn for his Bari Mustard Gas Reconnaissance Reports: Weapons and Secret Weapons of German Army 1933-1945 Bernard & Graefe Verlag, Koblenz, 1987 - the Price of Investigative Journalism.

Poison Gas was first used in the First World War by France. Over time, the lethal Effect more and more increased.
From autumn 1914, on the Western Front in Ypres for the first use of Poison Gas in human history by the French there was used Tear gas.
Hirschfeld, Krumeich, Renz: Encyclopedia World War p 519
In February 1916 France began the first exclusive Phosgengranaten without fragmentation Effects with
pure Gas effect against Humans.
Gergely Kapolnasi: The chemical war: Gas! p. 10
"Already used in the first days of the war the French gas Rifle Grenades. To greater effectiveness the French Colonel Commanding, General Joffre ordered on 07/01/1915 to the use of larger quantities. After France had thus begun with the Chemical war, German scientists were also with Gas Plant Tests commissioned. The first shot stimulus Grenades were not very effective - only the blowing of chlorine Gas generated a moral mass action is of decisive importance. "
Otto Riebicke: "Facts and figures from the German wrestling 1914-1918", p 95,%20Otto%20-
On 12/02/1943 there was in the Italian port of Bari in the wake of the Anglo-American invasion a unplanned poison gas outburst. Bari was more important supply port and the Headquarters of the 15th US AirForce Command was stationed there, from where the Carpet Bombing in southern Germany and the Balkans should be directed. Also the VS American freighter "John Harvey" was in port for deletion its explosive charge: including 2,000 aerial bombs, filled with heavy mustard gas also called sulfur-Lost, mustard or yperite called. US President Roosevelt had ordered poison Gas to Europe this use against the German civilian Population. Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen, commander of the 2.Luftflotte ordered an Air Strike on the docks of Bari. The "John Harvey" exploded with 68 tons of mustard Gas and sank immediately.

A secret plan reveals that the Americans were ready at the end of the War to destroy a large portion of the German population with poison gas.
Therfore from Italy and England thousands of Aircrafts in a 15-day Operation should bomb over 30 German cities with Poison Gas and kill ca.5600000 Germans.

Under item 4 of the Plan ("Possible results of the attack") U.S. specialists from the Department of Chemical warfare calculated that 5,600,000 Germans would be directly affected and killed. More twelve million would be subject to the proposed Attack indirectly. Germany was, opposite the assessment of London's Generals, almost defenseless. Neither there were Sirens for Gas Alarm and not enough Gastight Bomb Shelters. About 65 Percent of all Civilians in the Reich and little Girls and Boys up to three years had no Gas Masks and almost 90 percent of German children were unprotected.
Fortunately the German Secret Service learned in time of the Plans of the US-Americans and Englishman. Due to the fact that it was about the life of Millions of Germans that should be gassed the Gas Holocaust over Germany had to be prevented with all the Power.

The US Journalists may demand and publish with EU OLAF with the with our Tax money paid Swift Wire Evaluator Carlyle / BoozA.H.all global Payments about the - from the State of the Bosnian Investigation and Protection Agency SIPA in a Criminal Organization because of association prosecuted - and since 15.11.2010 as President of the Republika Srpska placed Milorad Dodik - because of his Inauguration Invitation Monument to the World War 1 Trigger Assassins Killer - of Heir to the Throne of Austria Franz Ferdinand - Gavrilo Princip - on

# Herzegovina Wahlen_2006_und_Beitrittsverhandlungen_mit_der_Europ.C3.A4ischen_Union
Milorad Dodik follows Radovan Karadzic's statement: "Muslims blame for the war"
Milorad Dodic represents since 15.11.2010 as president of the republic (entity) Srpska - the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina - for an independent legislative, executive and judicial - the doctrine
"Autonomy up to INDEPENDENCE" -
contrary to the Pan-Slavic ideologues from the environment of the lodge "ili smrt Ujedinjenje" (ASSOCIATION or death) Black Hand as assassination weapons and cyanide for suicide supplier - the honored of him Young BOSNIA assassin - by the Austrian archduke and heir Fran Ferdinand - Gavrilo Princip
This public behavior proves publicly blaming inability of the President of the Republic of (entity)
Srpska Milorad Dodic - by virtue of its pathologic denial of Serbian sole responsibility for the murder
Franz Ferdinand.
The fake Serbian rehabilitation files to the Young Bosnia Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassin
Nedeljko Cabrinovic (2.2.1895-20.1.1916) 9:52 min
http:// C4% 8Cabrinovi% C4% 87 -
Sagittarius Gavrilo Princip (25.7.1894-28 April 1918) -
be missed bomb thrower Muhamed Mehmedbasic (1886-29.5.1943) C5% 1i% C4% 87 -
and outfitter chief by the Serbian Apis intelligence in military cemetery Thessaloniki N.5746 ("NN") -
the 11.Band (10.Abschnitt) of Gempp report from the Russian Center for the Storage and Research documents the recent history (RCCHIDNI) in Moscow -
with the Rehabilitation Files from the Russian Chief Military Prosecutor on 9/10/01 (1 day before 911) and 1999
(Nicolai investigation file 21152 of Smersh agent Ivan Aleksandrovich Serov) to the Intelligence Chief IIIb 1913-19 Walter Nicolai and his Successor and Friedrich Gempp Report Creator that had been liquidated in Moscow's Butyrka Prison
the 21/04/1947 (Gempp) and 04.05.1947 (Nicolai) -
rehabilitate at

In 25 letters, which were changed from 29.6.1914-23.7.1914 between New Court and the Rue Laffitte, mentioned only 5, the diplomatic consequences of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo - "a sad example, "said Natty," both for the Serbian brutality, (MacKenzie, exoneration, S.290ff)
the hatred of the Greek Church - Athos # history - the followers of the Catholic faith as well as for
the Morals and Teachings of the Anarchist Party. "
RAL, XI/130A/8, Natty, London, to his Cousin, Paris 29.6.1914.Vgl.Cassis, City Bankers, S.309
Zimmermann Telegram Sequence Chain:
Only Guilty Trigger for WW1:

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