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Tom 15 Jul 2015


Just wondering what your up to lately, I miss you energetic reporting of the dichotomy of our media and reality.

Cannot seem to find where you are working or writing. Please let me know.

Love the art.


Theconviction 15 Jul 2015

hihi you looked like you drank ayahuasca ... with the outburst of creative art ...

did you use any other psychedelic???

Val Gorsky 14 Jul 2015

Great artist, a fine human and cool chick..But you should be back to RT..)

steve 11 Jul 2015

you are a bad ass, your art is cool too

Evan 10 Jul 2015

Despite my strong disagreement with some of the things you said about Chris Kyle, I really enjoyed listening to you on the Rogan podcast (#634). I think what we need is a positive global goal, something that unites us either nationally or globally towards a positive end (science, space exploration, etc.) Look forward to you being on Joe's podcast again, hopefully sooner than later. Take care.

Bob 09 Jul 2015

Abby, I miss your reports and surely many others do too. What on Earth are you doing now? I do not like the T-shirts you're selling. But that's okay, you're free to like, I'm free to dislike. Biodiversity. Anyway, I liked your true journalism immensely. Enjoy your time off. But get back to it, please!

Terry L 09 Jul 2015

Abby, you are a rare combination of passion, intelligence, courage, and beauty. Keep at it! The world needs to hear your voice.

Anton Capper 05 Jul 2015

I miss your direct wisdom Abbey, your presence is dearly missed on RT!
I hope you are well with great plans for the future, I'm here downunder and things are getting more and more interesting with our puppet prime minister Tony Abbott... he's an utter disgrace.
Wishing you the very best and stay safe!

Mike Canada 01 Jul 2015

Hello I really miss seeing you on TV. Loved listening to you so smart and talented. Hope see you soon and good luck at all your endeavours

Philip Troutman 26 Jun 2015

Hey Abby. You are so amazing. The courage you have to pour your heart and soul for what's right and good, for any and all to see, is awe inspiring. Your beautiful aura is flowing through the universe and will forever be a part of me. Love you.

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