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Jerry McHugh 22 Oct 2014

Direct, Informative, Awesome. A true talent.

George Papadis 22 Oct 2014

Dear Abby:

Kudos on your pathos, ethos and logos.

Not having a FB or Twitter account, I wish to incidentally, bring to your attention that misandria (i.e. μισανδρία) is a word in Greek. Being mirthfully ignorant for not knowing is rather outré of you and not fathoming that only by empowering men will feminism truly stand a chance, gives me pause. I look forward to your reply.



G'wine Hitme 22 Oct 2014

Abby,not a peep out of you about the vile and disgusting "Obola" meme being thrust forward by the maniacl,thinly veiled racist twerp Alex Jones.

What gives?

Ms Clavel Unite 22 Oct 2014

Abby Martin, keep up the good work! Not only are you a talented, outspoken & punky journalist but you also have a talent for painting. As an artist myself, my observation of your works have different styles-surrealistic, pop art and scrambled! Maybe your artistic works are a result of what you report on TV-controversial and wanting to be heard!!

Louis 21 Oct 2014

You are really talented. Your art seems to collide everything in culture onto a canvas, betraying where where it collided into our notions, looking out from the judging aspects of our own conscience. I find it a rarity for an artist to achieve that while still presenting a moral commentary. It's like at the heart of your art is your moral message, and all the vibrancy and other noise of life, obscures it, making a super-imposing message project to the viewer, the importance of seeing through the static around our main radio signal. Your art is beautiful, like a rose with thorns, the truth of beauty.

Jon Olsen 17 Oct 2014

I am missing you on BTS! Are you OK? Vacation? Stressed out? Undercover assignment? Hiding? Can you either post a brief comment or have Manuel say something? I am beginning to be worried for you. Ignore the jerks who don't appreciate you. They are probably jealous of an intelligent, compassionate, sexy, bold radical woman and feel threatened. Their ignomy.

Mark 16 Oct 2014

What is said by Abby on her many broadcasts resonates deeply with anyone who is remotely open minded. Here's my take on her 9/11 change of heart, she conceded ground on that because it was an easy way to attack and label her negatively. Without it her detractors had nothing to aim for and this enabled her to speak on the many important subjects that she does without being labelled a conspiracy theorist.

polyclef 15 Oct 2014

you rock

Anonymous 14 Oct 2014

I like your art.

scott worboys 14 Oct 2014

Just remember abby at all times, that you are where you are for the reason that you are and everyone else and all that happens is there where it is and has been for a reason most people can't even begin to grasp how it is therefore in the first place. Let alone seek self gratification in venting about subjects to you they should not have a deep knowledge of,to be able to make seem, what they are is seen by others as showing that they know that they are .you are a wonderfully talent person rising high in the world breaking not only the set but the illusions of others grandiose of being.

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