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Rene 05 Feb 2016

Hi Abby, I really think you should check out Ethereum, if you haven't already. Don't mind (or, preferably / if possible, even appreciate) the 'typical programmer' type that Vitalik is, and try to imagine what this new platform could mean for the world. I believe that crowds need to rally behind this ASAP, and ensure that the masses own this, and keep owning it. See Enjoy.

Jody W Boyd 03 Feb 2016

recently discovered! your truth led news ,docs and interviews are amazing and your even a artist ,what next you are inspiring and a very important voice !totally respect sister

Ray 03 Feb 2016

Thx Abby, for all you are doing. Just watched your interview with Noam Chomsky. You are intelligent, critical, discerning and gorgeous. I'm a fan!

abby martin army 01 Feb 2016

Abby -It would have been so easy for you to be a super model or actress, but you chose to make a real difference to mankind. Your place in history and heaven are assured!

Baron 31 Jan 2016

Exactly what a great art should be: beautiful, critical and thought provoking.
Keep up your fight on all stages Abby.

Philip Martin 31 Jan 2016

Abby, I miss seeing and hearing you. When you left RT I was confused. I never did learn why that had to be. Where will you be on air again? Meanwhile, may your art prosper!

strik9 D2D 30 Jan 2016

I just saw that interview of you interviewing larry king. What a fucking fraud that guy is what a bullshit interview. I always thought he was legit his best shows are the ones about ufos. But he''s bought and sold by the military government.BY the way ted turner hasnt owned cnn for a long fucking time wtf is this clown talking about I now hate this fool also that video about bill maher theres another lackey I watch that show just to see what kind of propaganda our government is spreading this week. Your one of the few legit reporters you glen greenwald and I can't think of one other person. Vice news is good. After this interview this fool needs to be fired having a political show and not having a fucking opinion/ Thats stupid as hell like every opinion doesn't have to be only for one persons party affilation we can all agree torture is wrong. This dude is part of the problem this dinosaur needs to retire.mutha fucka looks like yoda

Joshua Brookshire of Speak N Eye 28 Jan 2016

Ms. Martin,
Though I did become aware of your ethical and biting journalism through the work you do with your equally talented brother Robbie have been doing through Media Roots, I must highly commend your visual acumen as well, and your beautiful visual aesthetic. I am at first reminded of two of my favorite artists, R. Crumb and Joe Coleman. Love your detailed ch├Žos! Please never ever lose your craft as you presue your career, and as for your career- you are doing an absolutely excellent job with MR and The Empire Files. It feels very heartening to see a genuine, rational, and charismatic person successfully empowering the disenfranchised and inspiring those with righteous moral stances to never back down! Keep crushing it, miss. Never stop!

Joshua Brookshire, musician and visual artist of Speak N Eye, Winston Salem NC.

Anonymous 26 Jan 2016

Abby, you are a very intellectual, well-spoken, driven, brave and amazing person on your mission to tell the truth and expose the evil people who exist in this world. Keep up your amazing work! I will always be a fan from afar. Let's one day form a group to establish a concrete plan to turn things around as more people are enlightened by your efforts.

Hartwig 25 Jan 2016

Hallo Abby, I appreciate ur effort.

Now could u plz take a look about Barmuda triangle? Many researchers had found relationship between barmuda triangle and US administration. Unfortunately they have fall in danger. The curious case is that most of the people, airships and ships which have been vanished there, have skills in various fields, raw and chemical materials! And if believe about anti-Christ then this is a serious matter. U r brave, so I hope u will do something about it. Thank you.

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