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Amir 08 Oct 2015

Great work on your Saudi monarchy piece. If you decide to do some work on the Nuclear Deal or Iran in general, I'd welcome the chance to cooperate. Can open many doors there...

Brendan Hayward 04 Oct 2015

Inspiring! KEEP IT UP!

SF 02 Oct 2015

So talented and smart. Physically, you're such a cutie pie!

Jay Fritts 02 Oct 2015

Hi Abby, I just watched an old episode of BTS where you gave it to Bill Ma Her and the other sell outs. I Love the truth, God bless you!

sakrecoer 23 Sep 2015

wow, a guestbook! makes me and the few others who do not want to engage in socialmedia populationcontrol apparatus very happy. However, I came for the news got served and then i even got some art; Fair deal! :) stay strong!

Desire 22 Sep 2015

Hell Yeah 12 x 12 How much?

Joerg Karkosch 19 Sep 2015

Hi Abby, I never ever thought You would express You this way. Great. Impressing like your intellectual power and build in humanity straight from a joyful heart. May I sag so? Amazing. Greetings from Germany

mike Casey 19 Sep 2015

Abby love your art, hoping to buy something soon. Still missing "Breaking the Set". Congrats on your Empire Files really excellent.

Miguel Torres 16 Sep 2015

Dear Ms.Martin,

I like your art work, you are very talented. I am a big fan of your old show on RT, and the new one on Telesur. Keep doing what you are doing.

All the Best,
Miguel Torres

David Keay 14 Sep 2015

I've really missed you on RT, but was glad to discover The Empire Files and the
wonderful art on this site. Beautiful work
in all your endeavors.

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