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Charles Ammon 27 Apr 2015

Hey Abby,
I'm a prospective artist living in Philadelphia. I found your website through your interview with Joe Rogan on his podcast and I just wanted to say I found you to be very informed, eloquent, and through this website very talented as an artist. You are an inspiration to me and I hope to pursue a life similar to yours in regards to your activism and art. Wishing you the best of luck on your future endeavors!

BC 27 Apr 2015

Aloha Abby,
You are a free spirited spitfire of truth, moral passion and creativity, and I wish I knew more people like you. If you ever come to Oahu, you've got a tour guide! Keep fighting the good fight. Evil is pervasive, but good will always triumph because of people like you.

Alan David 25 Apr 2015

Hi Abbey,
I am a researcher & author, law expert, historian, poet,etc.,
I really love your passion & energy, I wish I could meet you sometime somewhere, maybe at a conference, I wanted to wish you good luck in all your future projects, hope to meet & talk with you soon,
Alan David.

Jasha 25 Apr 2015

Thank you for speaking the truth!
Great art!
Wish you all the best.

Josh 24 Apr 2015

Your epic

DON V 24 Apr 2015

Abby... Please come back!

Serge Beaudet 23 Apr 2015

Take care Abby,
You are doing an excellent job but don't make all the problems of the world yours. As Woody Allen nicely put it, every 100 years earth experiences a complete reset. Regardless.. :-)

Pat 23 Apr 2015

Abby....where are you??....
The world over....misses you.....
Come on girl....get back in the saddle...
Seeker of the TRUTH !!!!!!

Elly Michaels 23 Apr 2015

Hello, Abby!

I am the Editorial Producer at Gaiam TV located in Boulder, CO. Gaiam TV strives to deliver information on topics not typically promoted in mainstream media. Our Director of Content would love to talk with you about what you are up to these days and discuss the possibility of working together in the future. Please e-mail me when you have a moment!

Thank you,

Mark Miller 22 Apr 2015

heard you interviewed on Joe Rogan's podcast, your thoughts and opinions are spot on about almost everything - we're the sane ones in this insane world -all the best

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