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Todd Hemmenway 04 May 2016

Abby, You are a new and refreshing discovery-through Chris Hedges. He admires
Orwell, so here is an essay from the '40s that I think would resonate. "The Prevention of Literature" It's in a collection called "Shooting an Elephant" It's all the stuff you love. Keep up the good work, Todd H

synergy 03 May 2016

Just saw you on ring of fire. You go girl!

Vern 01 May 2016

Thank you for the great work. I would like to discuss something with you.

Augustine 30 Apr 2016

Great to see a young smart person, about my daughters age, in line with the thought of Chomsky, Nader, Hedges. I love your aggressive pursuit of this plutocracy. Need more aggressive, bold young people like you. I will continue to follow your reporting. Refreshing and hopeful. Thanks.

gabriel 28 Apr 2016


Matthew Jerauld 27 Apr 2016

I am a big fan of your work and you provide excellent insight onto current events. It was awesome listening to you on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Keep up the good work. You mentioned a Tedx Talks speaker on the podcast. What was the presenters name? I want to check it out. Thank you very much.

david l racette md facs 25 Apr 2016

enjoy and value all you are doing. you seem to be on a good path.

judy summersby 24 Apr 2016

I like your spirit, in art and politics.
Your video on Hillary Clinton was very

thanks for all you do to show us the
way of truth.

judy from Cambridge, ma.

Mick Bragg 24 Apr 2016

Thank you!
I watched your piece on Hillary Clinton and it prompted me to search for other reports. I am glad there are journalist like you who are inquisitive enough to search for the truth and bold enough to report it.
I'll eagerly continue to look into your other reports, as your opinions seem to closely line up with mine.
Thanks, Mick

GARY SMITH 22 Apr 2016

The site brought me here. I wonder if your views on Russia's role in the Ukraine has changed since your RT days.

Keep up the good work.

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